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Pink Attitude18 || Jasnoor Deol || Match For Marrow || Swab to Save a Life

Pink Attitude18 || Jasnoor Deol || Match For Marrow || Swab to Save a Life

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We started after our family member; Jasnoor Deol was diagnosed with Leukemia (blood cancer)

in August 2010. He went through numerous forms of chemotherapy and radiation and other types of treatment to help him survive his illness. However, it was determined that his long- term survival depends on finding a bone marrow match. Jasnoor was only 13 years old when he was diagnosed. 

The majority of these past 7 years he has spent inside of a hospital receiving treatments, unable to live a normal life. As there was no match in the family we started campaigning and running registration drives in our community across Canada in hopes of finding an unrelated donor since 2010. Under the guidance of Dr Minden and Dr Patel from Canada, we went overseas to Punjab (India) where our forefathers belong. Initial donor drives were carried out at Sikh temples in the city of Ludhiana in June 2015. After learning how low the South Asian / Indian population was represented in the bone marrow registry, we made it our mission to help Jasnoor and the thousands of other children waiting for a match. Just like Jasnoor, there are 4 Lakh people in India waiting for a match, of which 3 Lakh are children. 


A wave of stem cell registration was so strong that our campaign was highly appreciated and supported by locals of Punjab. Patients who were looking to get a match contacted us in order to help them in looking for a match. Match For Marrow efforts extended even more to help these patients and their families. Till date we have run over 70+ awareness camps and 65+ registration drives. With God’s grace 28 people have found their life saving match and have registered over 13,500 people into bone marrow registry. 

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